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Gregory Read

Gregory Read, motivated through his own aerial cinematography documentary work, established an aerial business in 2007 as a division of his award winning Production Company Paper Bark Films. Initially, he struck up an alliance with three-time Academy Award winner, engineer NELSON TYLER, and established TYLER Australia. Driven by Greg’s desire to provide comprehensive stabilised solutions this company soon evolved into AERIAL FILM AUSTRALIA (AFA), when Greg teamed up with Aerial Cinematographer Peter Beeh.

Gregory’s 25 years in the Australian film industry positions him uniquely to provide the best stabilised solutions, as he combines his extensive knowledge garnered from years of experience working with stabilised mounts, with his broad production experience in feature films, broadcast documentaries and TVC’s, along with his understanding of aesthetic demands from writing to directing.

His experience producing major projects such as, Fred Schepsis’ THE EYE OF THE STORM (2011) with accolades such as Best Film at Rome and Vale and Critic’s Choice at Melbourne International Film Festivals along with three Australian Academy Awards (AACTA’s), ensures he is at ease with complex production demands.

Similarly, Greg also wrote and directed Toni Collette and 2015 Golden Globe winner Eddie Redmayne in his debut feature film LIKE MINDS. This was a critically acclaimed Weinstien US and Lionsgate UK Film. Whilst working in drama Greg also has experience in advertising and documentaries working closely with Emmy Award winning company Firelight to produce and direct projects such as the Discovery/ABC Video documentary ROCKET COMPULSION. Currently he is writing, directing and producing the upcoming feature documentary OWN THE SKY, and continues to enhance his skills in all facets of production. These projects afford Greg a thorough understanding about quality behind the camera requirements when working with a director’s vision.

Gregory is passionate about staying up to date with the latest global technologies in stabilised film solutions. Testament to this is the recent addition of the cutting edge Shotover K1 and F1 to AERIAL FILM AUSTRALIA’s inventory. Gregory is dedicated to making the world’s best aerial systems available to Australian Production’s at a cost effective price.

Greg draws on his experience working with stabilized platforms and his diverse skill set to inform optimum solutions for camera stabilisation challenges from the simplest to the most complex quickly and efficiently, satisfying technical demands, budget constraints and creative needs. He will steer your project to the appropriate solution whether it is the TYLER MiniGyro, Middle Mount, SHOT OVER F1/K1, GYRON, CINEFLEX, drone or other.

No matter what size the production, Gregory prides himself on achieving the best results for his clients.

Peter Beeh
Aerial Cinematographer

Peter is a leading Australian aerial DOP. His credits span feature films, UHD 4K television and commercial production. This, after 25 years developing his general cinematography skills shooting commercial, dramatic, promotional and factual/documentary projects for local and international broadcasters and production houses.

He has been working almost exclusively with today’s digital cinema and large sensor broadcast cameras since their inception.

Pete has extensive experience working on set with all the major digital camera systems, including:

ARRI Alexa in all its derivatives
Red EPIC, EPIC Dragon
Sony F65, F55 and F5 systems.

Peter is a part owner of a Shotover K1 and F1 aerial gimbals, two of the most advanced stabilized aerial camera platforms in the world today. With only a relative few such units in operation, he is one of a handful of people who can genuinely claim intimate experience rigging and operating the country’s most advanced aerial digital cinema systems.

But it doesn’t stop there, Pete’s experience spans the widest range of high-end Aerial platforms including:

Shotover F1
Shotover K1
Cineflex V14
Nettman Systems Super G2
Nettman Systems Stab C
Tyler Mini Gyro
Tyler Middle Mount
Tyler Major Mount
Tyler Nose Mount
Hand Held (not advised from a helicopter!) :-)

Peter is of those rare individuals with an ability to combine creative flare with detailed knowledge of the technical side of digital production and aerial camera systems. He knows how to extract everything possible out of a format, on set and in post, in order to craft the most memorable pictures possible.